DG – Report Ferrari 599XX Evo Cup@Monza


The Race Direction following the Monza Grand Prix held on 04/04/2017 ,

third round of the Ferrari 599XX Evo Cup


No investigation will be published as the stewards have already handed out major penalties for improper use of the track referring to point 2.1 of our officla rules.

In Race

The cars must always maintain at least 2 tyres (even just a portion of these) on the track’s tarmac. Violating this rule implies a penalty on a driver’s points in the standings or regarding his/her total race time. Race Direction will establish the appropriate penalty for each case. There are some cases of track cuts which will not be counted, such as: obvious mistakes, minor infractions while battling for a position, avoidance manouvers, technical issues.

To avoid being awarded a penalty the driver must not take any advantage from the track extending. To do so the driver must brake to reduce the vehicle’s speed avoiding to come back on track in a way that could put in danger other drivers’ races. When coming back on track he must wait for any approaching car to pass before going back up to race speed.

In Qualifying

When checking for any violation of this rule in qualifying the Race Direction will count any extending made in the last corners before the fastest lap of each driver. It is forbidden to cut part of the tracks which will give you a higher speed on the main straight when starting your qualifying lap. Any driver who finds himself in this situation can only abort his lap or slow down enough to not make the incriminated lap become his fastest one. Any violation will afflict a driver’s final race time.

After viewing the replays and checking each driver the stewards have noticed way too many track cuts in areas where the SD Pitlane Penalty app couldn’t operate in the optimal way. The stewards have then decided to penalize all the drivers who violated the rule with 15 seconds added on their race time on every occasion they cut the track for 5 times. When violating the track limits more than 15 times the race direction decided to exclude the drivers from the final standings so that those who violated the rule will pay more attention on staying on track in the next races. Here are the complete penalties:


Leopoldo Varriale +30 sec
Giuliano Giacco +15 sec
Giovanni Cangiani +15 sec
Nicola Mura +45 sec
Marco Frongia +15 sec
Damir Laurenzi +30 sec

Thomas Brown – DQ
Roberto Vaccargiu – DQ
Matt Neal – DQ
Cosimo Accoti – DQ
Vincenzo Raia – DQ
Francesco Frigerio – DQ

Updated Results can be found by clicking on this LINK


Alessandro Papocchia +15 sec
Gianluca De Luca +15 sec
Nicola Mura +15 sec
Cosimo Accoti +45 sec
Marco Frongia +15 sec
Damir Laurenzi +15 sec
Giovanni Cangiani +15 sec
Francesco Frigerio +15 sec
Simone Rinaldi +15 sec

Matt Neal – DQ
Thomas Brown – DQ
Olly Pegg – DQ
Roberto Vaccargiu – DQ
Alessandro Filippelo – DQ

Updated Results can be found by clicking on this LINK

Additional Penalties for violations of the rules:

Skipping Qualifying session

  • Cosimo Accoti – invalidated lap due to track cuts
  • Alessandro Papocchia – racing without launching the app SimRacingTools
  • Olly Pegg – Unsportsmanlike driving gaining positions by cutting the first chicane and for crossing the white line exiting the pitlane
  • Francesco Frigerio – crossing the white line exiting the pitlane
  • Damir Laurenzi – crossing the white line exiting the pitlane

Race Direction assigns a 5 points penalty in the standings to Olly Pegg for unsporstmanlike driving


This document has to be considered final. The drivers can point out only one rule violation (if any occured) by the race direction in the same way they do for any investigation explicitly including what rule was violated.

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